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Useful Lessons for Somaliland: Top 10 most creative ad agencies of Kosovo for 2013

 Most of us will agree that advertising is the most dynamic industry and it’s where you will find some of the most creative minds in existence. In fact, it’s all in the hands of the ad agency creative heads to make or break a firm’s marketing campaign. Even in Kosovo we’re seeing that the advertising industry  is becoming more creative and more competitive each year. We see companies and ad agencies investing more and more in this direction, while on the other hand there is not much being done to celebrate this hard work. Thus, we decided together with Ads of Kosovo to prepare a list of the 10 most creative ad agencies of Kosovo and present some of their best work of the year to the world. The list is random and it’s not a ranking by any means.


Tatamata formerly known as Tronit, is a multimedia company based in Prishtina, Kosovo, operating since 2004, merged forces with Rrota Rolling Creative Studio, in 2005. Tatamata has quite an interesting approach towards commercials and surely you are aware of Gentli Knap shoes, “Amre – Kqyrni Shoqe” or the latest TV show produced for Klan Kosova, “Lsho n’ler”.


Koperativa is a creative communications agency, specialized in advertising, marketing, branding & design, film & TV production. Founded in 2003, Koperativa managed to bring to life creative work for different clients and needs, while it seems that every time they do any work for the telecom provider IPKO, something memorable will come out…. “Dil n’IPKO” or “Pa Pare”. Other clients include ProCredit Bank, UNICEF, REDO Design Conference, etc.

 PR Solutions
PR Solutions is Media and Communications Company that stands behind the nation branding of Kosovo – The Young Europeans. Their strongest base this year was focused on print related materials and events branding, while some work worth mentioning includes the Beer Festival, NewCO Ferronikeli, etc.


KANUN is a Marketing Communications Agency operating in Kosovo, offering a wide range of marketing and communication services.  The experienced staff carries out the work effectively and efficiently, while the number of clients include Peugeot Kosova, KFOR, TEB Bank, etc.


Karrota has been founded in 2005 in Prishtina, Kosovo while it became quickly a member of  the Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide Network. They are the creators of the NEWBORN monument which identifies the country all around the world, while they are also Cannes Gold Lion Award winners.  Some clients this year include names like Albafone, Marazzi, AUK TDI, Kuqalashe Beer, etc.


Entermedia began its journey in 2004 as a small company with big ideas. Seeing the market potential of the music & video industry, co-founders and classmates Leutrim Blakaj & Granit Limani sought to create video experiences that would set and raise the bar for artists producing music videos in Kosovo.  This year they brought to life work for IPAK – Investment and Promotion Agency of Kosovo, Ministry of Trade and Industry of Kosovo, etc.


INIT is a communication agency, founded in 2001. The company is heavily focused on media campaigns and strategy development for various causes, goods and services. This year above all the Hamam Jazz Bar in Prishtina, whose visual identity was designed by INIT, won the first prize at the World Architecture News Award Show in London, in the best interiors category! Some other interesting work done this year includes clients: Kosovo Security Forces, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, etc. INIT also brought to life publications like PURE Kosovo, and also artwork for clients in New York.

Zero Pozitive Publicis

Zero Pozitive Publicis is one of the largest, if not the largest advertising and marketing firm based in Kosovo, working for a large number of local brands which they made from scratch. They are part of the 3rd largest communications group world wide, Publicis Groupe. They managed this year to strengthen brands like Z-Mobile or Tango, to a new level in customer relationships and they also initiated a new kind of marketing, missing in Kosovo, namely with the campaign #Kahpodilni for Z-Mobile which targeted directly the competition IPKO with their campaign #DilneIPKO. Some other clients this year included: Peja Beer, TEB Bank, Vita Milk, FiveStar Fitness, etc.

Paper Communications

Paper Communications is your a local creative marketing agency that states that can assist in every marketing & PR need. They brought a new website by the end of 2013, they stood up strong with clients this year and managed to represent the team strongly through their online presence. From KEDS, with new image, branding and commercials, to IPKO or the International Airport of Kosovo, Paper Communications managed to bring creative work to life this year and position brands in a closer connection to their customers. One of the best commercials this year, is definitely the work done for the International Airport of Kosovo.


Trokit Agency Creative is a full-service strategic design & branding firm that specializes in delivering a cohesive message and a memorable brand for its clients. Trokit is focused in different sectors while on the other hand from time to time it manages to invest a lot of passion and energy for creative clients which this year included: IPKO, ORA Watches, United Colors of Beneton, etc.
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